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Splitting up from former China National Scientific instrument and materials company in 2002 ,Hangzhou
Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd. is a leading Chinese
manufacturer who involves in piezoelectric crystals and surface
acoustic wave products as well as the relative single crystal growth
and substrates for use in the telecommunications and general time
and frequency industries.  from our manufacturing facilities and sister partners we register this organization as CQTGROUP.   we are able to supply a very broad range of all high precision of finished frequency component and all kinds of single crystal blank , such as wafer and substrates from as grown quartz and single crystals materials which will be widely used on MEMS process for litho-photography.

We has been servicing for IT manufacturers, defense related contractors, National laboratories, universities and scientists around the world for over 20 years. our expertise is specialty and proprietary crystal growth, and all kinds of quartz blank and wafer as well as component fabrication and applications as well as technical solution .

We focus on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality for our customers. Our accomplishments are the result of the combined efforts of all of our employees, who are dedicated to the highest ethical and quality standards.

From 2010 marked our continued expansion with the addition of LN ,LT ,QTZ  substrate products on  3” , 4” and also  6”  with the most thinner at 0.1-0.15 mm which will make chips to be possible to be packed within more small packages

   Expansion into existing markets with leading edge products that exploit today's advanced manufacturing technologies has become the mainstay of our successful business growth.



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